It’s no secret that parenting these days is much different than it was 50 years ago. This generation of parents has to navigate a tremendous amount of information, judgment and overwhelm to find their own path. That’s how I felt when I entered motherhood: lost, overwhlemed, and not very confident. It took me some internal work, a little motivation, and a good amount of finding my supports to emerge as a mother that was more confident, proud, and felt I could manage the strong winds that this crazy journey sometimes throws our way.

My background as a therapist gives me a unique perspective on helping mothers transition into this journey with strength and grace. My methods and perspecitve focus not on perfection, not on setting lofty goals or even achieving your highest potential. The path I lay out for moms focuses on a journey of enhancing self-worth, finding one’s own resilience and feeling strong to manage the sometimes chaotic nature of this phase of parenting.

My path with Resilient Mamas has grown and changed over the last 3 years. Currently I am focusing on my offerings of workshops, courses, and ebooks all focused on emotional wellness at this time. My mission is to offer moms affordable and brief ecourses for that all moms can find their own way to resilience, worth, and peace. Whether you need to overcome mama guilt, find your way to calm to decrease yelling, or find yourself again after motherhood I’ve got you covered over at my platform at Membervault.

What People Say

Such an amazing resource for mothers! I am taking my first forest circle program and it’s given me such insight on myself and motherhood and working to the guilt that comes with the package. Rachel is compassionate and insightful, she has a way of reframing your struggles when everything seems impossibly overwhelming that opens up a path to peace.

Nikki H.

I have attended a few of the Resilient Mamas workshops, a weekend long retreat, and a support group for moms, that she founded, since 2017. Rachel has a wealth of knowledge and shares it freely. She has a knack for speaking in a way that helps people let their guard down and not only be vulnerable to opening up and sharing, but to receiving information. I have learned a lot about myself with her guidance.

Erin R.

The monthly group program is amazing! I have always wanted to do coaching for my parenting, but it has always been financially out of reach. This has been such a wonderful gift to work on myself and my parenting without needing a babysitter, spending a fortune, or even getting out of my jammies. Rachel is also just a wonderful person who is just so talented at leading this program. I already feel so much more confident about the kind of mama I am. And I feel less guilty about the kind of mama I will never be.

Madonna K.

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