So this happened last night.

4 hours of demanding TV in the middle of the night before he went back to bed. It has been a couple of nights we have struggled with this. I believe TV may be a big coping mechanism for my son because it was something I used a lot (unfortunately) during our big move. The grandmas spent two weeks with us and just left and it makes sense that he would have some difficulties adjusting to their absence. I’ve learned how hard it is to tow the line with your child in the middle of the night when you live in an apartment building. My fear that the neighbors will complain snowballs into our deportation from Australia back to the United States and my husband losing his job. My therapist self knows this is a completely irrational thought but it doesn’t stop me from giving in so my son stops crying. So I try to find the humor in it and help him through this transition. He screams “WHY?! WHY?!” wanting to watch Super Why. My husband and I laugh at what the neighbors may think. It gets funnier when he switches back and forth between asking for Super Why and Daniel Tiger. “WHY?!? Daniel?!?! WHY?!?!” The neighbors must think we have a guy named Daniel living with us that is causing some serious distress to our 2 year old. So we make it through the night somehow and I survive the day by getting coffee while Harry blows kisses to our usual barista. He never blows kisses back.When Your 2 old screams in the middle of the night, -WHY-! WHY-!- Don't worry. He's not having an existential crisis. He just wants to watch Super Why.

Published by Rachel B.

I'm Rachel, a maternal wellness coach, therapist, and mother of 2. I offer maternal wellness coaching for mothers at I love the great outdoors, camping, and hiking. When I'm not enjoying the outdoors I love reading novels, listening to true crime podcasts, and watching documentaries.

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