Introducing Resilient Mamas

I’m so excited to share with you a re-launch of my blog and the beginning of a community!

As I’ve progressed on my journey both personally and professionally in the area of maternal mental health I envisioned creating a community where there is one understanding- that mothers can support each other without judgment, celebrate differences, hold space for one’s another’s stories, and empower one another to heal and grow. This lead to me creating the Resilient Mamas space. It’s a blog with inspriation and challenges, a Facebook community, and an in person group that meets twice monthly- once as a support group on the 3rd Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 at Circle of Life at once as a social gathering at Playgrounds Cafe in Lakewood and on the 2nd Tuesday from 10am-12pm at Playgrounds Cafe in Lakewood.

I look forward to seeing what this community grows into and am hopeful that mothers can be empowered through connection with one another to not only be vulnerable and open but to thrive inside and outside of motherhood with confidence and strength.

So welcome to Resilient Mamas! I’m so glad you’re here. I encourage you to visit the What is a Resilient Mama? page to find out more about the identity I wish to foster in each mother in this community.

Also if you’d like to be part of our Facebook group that will involve support and weekly challenges for growth you can join here.

Published by Rachel B.

I'm Rachel, a maternal wellness coach, therapist, and mother of 2. I offer maternal wellness coaching for mothers at I love the great outdoors, camping, and hiking. When I'm not enjoying the outdoors I love reading novels, listening to true crime podcasts, and watching documentaries.

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