What is a Resilient Mama?


A resilient mama defines motherhood for herself, rejecting societal pressures and embracing who she is as a mother and person, flaws and all.

A resilient mama is authentic. No need to fake Pinterest perfection or pretend as if motherhood is so wonderful all the time. She shows up ready to show others the real her.

A resilient mama is vulnerable. She knows that it’s okay to break down, it’s okay to be scared, it’s okay to not be confident in herself. She knows it’s okay to ask for help and she takes it when it’s offered. She lets down her walls with those she trusts and tries to love herself even at her darkest times.

A resilient mama embraces all feelings. No need to always “stay positive” or just “let it go.” She allows herself to sit with discomfort, to admit to anger, fear, sadness, and despair without guilt. She knows that her thoughts and feelings don’t wholly define her. She knows that all feelings have something to teach her about herself and about life.

A resilient mama values her relationship with her child(ren).  She doesn’t see motherhood as a job or as a checklist of requirements. She knows that motherhood isn’t summed up by what you feed your child, the latest parenting philosophy you subscribe to, or how her child measures up to others. She knows her relationship with her child is her focal point.