Self-Care Mondays #9: Enjoy the Sound of Silence

I’ve always been a person with a mind that races at a million miles a minute. It’s hard for me to stop the plethora of ideas and worries and to-do list items from popping into my mind that motivate me to take immediate action and do something. I put pressure on myself to do somethingContinue reading “Self-Care Mondays #9: Enjoy the Sound of Silence”

Self-Care Mondays #8: Hey Mama-What Do You Stand For?

I remember in college having a sign I hung in my room that said, “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.” I was a passionate girl in college and in many ways I still am. I was ready to fight for what I thought was right and attended various protests for issuesContinue reading “Self-Care Mondays #8: Hey Mama-What Do You Stand For?”

What I Gained When Breastfeeding Didn’t Work Out

It has taken me a while to get to this place, the place where I can look back at the first major challenge I experienced as a mom and start to feel a sense of healing and gratitude. It wasn’t always like this. I want other moms to know that if they read this andContinue reading “What I Gained When Breastfeeding Didn’t Work Out”

Recovery and Resilience

For the last installment of my Maternal Mental Health series I’m discussing the recovery and resiliency factors of maternal mental health. Recovery Healing is a process and therefore recovery from maternal mental health issues is a process as well. Unlike some medical illnesses its not as if mental health issues are simply cured and neverContinue reading “Recovery and Resilience”

Self-Care Mondays #7: Making Authentic Connections

I’m a true believer that connecting with one another is a central part of our purpose. Being able to relate to others and show support can build a strong and inspirational web to help keep each other confident and empowered .       Making an authentic connection means we are reaching out to anotherContinue reading “Self-Care Mondays #7: Making Authentic Connections”

5 Ways to Build a Village: Support Networks and Maternal Mental Health

As a therapist I would say one of the best tools for recovery from any difficult life transitions or mental health issues is a strong support system. One of our basic human needs is the need to feel connected to others. And during times of stress, depression, or anxiety we need to feel supported andContinue reading “5 Ways to Build a Village: Support Networks and Maternal Mental Health”

Self-Care Mondays #6: Self Gratitude

I’ve recently started a ritual for myself at night time. In order to avoid getting stuck in my thought “ruts” of thinking about everything I need to get done tomorrow or beating myself up for the mistakes I made today I take 2 minutes to write down something I was grateful for in the dayContinue reading “Self-Care Mondays #6: Self Gratitude”

How to Seek Treatment for Postpartum Mental Health

When you feel you have identified that you need professional help for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) there are some things to consider. Finding a Provider When you are looking for a provider you will need to know if they accept your insurance through contacting them or checking their practice’s website. You may also want toContinue reading “How to Seek Treatment for Postpartum Mental Health”