Why My Child’s Happiness is Not My #1 Priority

It seems in society today people are on the constant search for happiness. We try to obtain it  through materials, success, fame, a nice body, a new perspective, the “perfect” relationship. But why does it seem that when we have all these avenues for happiness at our door step so many people are still dissatisfied?Continue reading “Why My Child’s Happiness is Not My #1 Priority”

The Lies Sleep Deprivation Tells You

We all have negative thoughts. But the negative thoughts that accompany me in the middle of the night when I’m awoke by my son have a stronger hold. These thoughts are angry and malicious. They are lies that I find so easy to believe in my desperation. In the darkness of the night I feel theContinue reading “The Lies Sleep Deprivation Tells You”

When Things Don’t Go as Planned- Be a Resilient Mama

From the moment we know we’re pregnant (and maybe even before then) we start forming expectations of parenthood. What kind of birth do we want to have? What kind of parenting style will we adopt? Will be breastfeed or formula feed? Co-sleep? Cry it out? Babywear? It starts to feel like a really long cafeteriaContinue reading “When Things Don’t Go as Planned- Be a Resilient Mama”

Mom Tools: Tapping Into Your Mom Strengths

In the field of social work we choose to adopt what is called a strengths based perspective when working with clients. This means our treatment focus is on the individuals strengths in helping them solve problems. This is a radical change from other psychological discipline approaches in focusing on symptoms and dysfunction. If we chooseContinue reading “Mom Tools: Tapping Into Your Mom Strengths”

Your Feelings Matter Too

I’ve started about 6 blog posts this week and had difficulties finishing any of them. To be honest I’ve been having a down and lonely week and its been difficult for me to be inspired or feeling like writing something inspirational and encouraging. Everyday I am increasingly aware of my irritability and anxiety but forContinue reading “Your Feelings Matter Too”

Maternal Instincts…or not.

Recently a video came across my newsfeed that made me literally laugh out loud. It was from the The BreakWomb, a collection of funny shorts from some comedienne moms. You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uf1_7xxWPE0 The basic gist of the video is poking fun at impressionable nature we have as moms when reading blog posts,Continue reading “Maternal Instincts…or not.”

Because Sometimes We’re Toddlers Too

I recently re-located to Melbourne, Australia from Cleveland, Ohio. It has been a big move and adjustment although we are only here for a year. It has been a challenge to cope with my son’s toddler tantrums and barrage of different emotions while handling my own stress associated with this major life change. I feelContinue reading “Because Sometimes We’re Toddlers Too”

Motherhood is Not an Number

We are a people who like cold data and hard facts. We feel safe in the quantification of our success and failures. Insecurities about our performance can become less subjective and ambiguous because you can’t argue with numbers. How much in sales? What percentage growth? How many hits/likes/stars, etc?     On an individual levelContinue reading “Motherhood is Not an Number”