Self-Care Mondays #13: Go Ahead and Vent

We know with research that venting frustrations can sometimes backfire and only amp up resentments and bitterness. And although at times this is true there is also a lot of benefits to venting if done in the right way and for the right reasons. Venting frustrations can be a self-care ritual when done carefully andContinue reading “Self-Care Mondays #13: Go Ahead and Vent”

Self Care Mondays #11: Rebel!

September brings about this freshness and renewal for personal growth. With children returning to school we are reminded of the goals we want to achieve and start organizing ourselves to strive towards them. This can be a great thing… unless you have a tendency towards perfection. If you’re anything like me writing down lists andContinue reading “Self Care Mondays #11: Rebel!”

Self-Care Mondays #1o: Let Time Be on Your Side

(I apologize for my absence lately! Between heading back to the US for a visit with family and getting Mentoring 4 Moms started things have ¬†been busy!) This week my husband and I got some disappointing news. It wasn’t anything very serious but I was pretty upset initially. I didn’t want to be around anyoneContinue reading “Self-Care Mondays #1o: Let Time Be on Your Side”

Self-Care Mondays #9: Enjoy the Sound of Silence

I’ve always been a person with a mind that races at a million miles a minute. It’s hard for me to stop the plethora of ideas and worries and to-do list items from popping into my mind that motivate me to take immediate action and do something. I put pressure on myself to do somethingContinue reading “Self-Care Mondays #9: Enjoy the Sound of Silence”

Self-Care Mondays #8: Hey Mama-What Do You Stand For?

I remember in college having a sign I hung in my room that said, “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.” I was a passionate girl in college and in many ways I still am. I was ready to fight for what I thought was right and attended various protests for issuesContinue reading “Self-Care Mondays #8: Hey Mama-What Do You Stand For?”

Self-Care Mondays #7: Making Authentic Connections

I’m a true believer that connecting with one another is a central part of our purpose. Being able to relate to others and show support can build a strong and inspirational web to help keep each other confident and empowered .       Making an authentic connection means we are reaching out to anotherContinue reading “Self-Care Mondays #7: Making Authentic Connections”

Self-Care Mondays #6: Self Gratitude

I’ve recently started a ritual for myself at night time. In order to avoid getting stuck in my thought “ruts” of thinking about everything I need to get done tomorrow or beating myself up for the mistakes I made today I take 2 minutes to write down something I was grateful for in the dayContinue reading “Self-Care Mondays #6: Self Gratitude”

Self-Care Mondays #5: Music As Therapy

I want to be clear in this post that I am not a music therapist nor do I have background in music therapy. What I am describing in this post is not considered clinical music therapy. I have utilized music much in my practice for therapeutic purposes but it is important to know that musicContinue reading “Self-Care Mondays #5: Music As Therapy”

Self Care Mondays #4: Assess Your Needs

In social work we are taught to perform needs assessments on communities or individuals to assess what is missing when it comes to the current situation versus the desired situation. It sounds simple but can be very complex. The main goals of needs assessments are identifying problems and selecting appropriate solutions. Needs assessments on individualsContinue reading “Self Care Mondays #4: Assess Your Needs”

Self-Care Mondays #3: Tell Your Story

Storytelling is a fundamental part of the human connection. Stories that have been shared through years of history and culture have had a profound impact on our values and ideas. Hearing a person’s story can impact us in gaining a new perspective on life or looking at an idea in a new way. Emotions canContinue reading “Self-Care Mondays #3: Tell Your Story”