Self-Care Monday #2: Practice Self-Compassion

We are usually our own worst critics. We easily judge and place higher expectations on ourselves more than others. Its okay to have high expectations of yourself but not when you beat yourself up to the point of causing you to lower your self-esteem and degrade yourself. I had a therapist in grad school. IContinue reading “Self-Care Monday #2: Practice Self-Compassion”

Self-Care Monday #1-Safe Place

Introducing my Monday post ritual-Self-Care Mondays, a kick off to your busy week by strengthening yourself with some self-care techniques. These weekly posts will be under 30 minute self-care exercises you can utilize to engage enhance your emotional wellbeing and refresh yourself. Take what you like from the exercises and leave what you don’t. Self-careContinue reading “Self-Care Monday #1-Safe Place”

Not A Manicure, A Mindset: 5 Truths for Moms about Self-Care

  As a therapist I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the term “self-care.” The term has become so synonymous with indulging oneself and particularly for women in very stereotypical feminine rituals such as a facial, bubble bath, or manicures. It has become a term that means “special” me time and become synonymousContinue reading “Not A Manicure, A Mindset: 5 Truths for Moms about Self-Care”