Maternal Wellness Coaching


What if you could start of your days feeling energetic, confident, and felt you had a clear direction?

What if you felt stronger and more capable of handling the everyday problems of motherhood instead of one toddler tantrum away from your own meltdown?

What if you felt more connected to yourself and nourished by an effective self-care plan?

What if you felt rooted in who you are as a mother, feeling confident in the way you are raising your children?

Let’s face it, becoming a mother is one of the biggest transitions of your life. It’s okay to admit that it can be REALLY hard sometimes. When I became a mother I struggled with not feeling good enough, not feeling confident, and feeling very lost. Through my own journey and my passion for emotional health I learned the best way to thrive in motherhood was to be honest and authentic about just how challenging it felt at times.

As a maternal wellness coach I give moms the time and space to be authentic as well as identify how they can take these struggles and grow alongside their children.  Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, irritable, burned out, maybe even depressed. It’s hard to know what’s normal and what’s not and how to find ways to cope in this new life. This is where Resilient Mamas can offer a little boost to your mind and spirit so you can start enjoying this journey called motherhood.

With over 10 years of experience as a therapist and training from Postpartum Support International in Maternal Mental Health I bring an array of knowledge and expertise in the psychological adjustment to motherhood. Using my professional skills and personal lessons I’ve learned in my own journey I provide quality coaching services to mothers to gain skills in adjusting emotionally to this transition. I am also very passionate about offering services from a strengths based and culturally sensitive perspective.

NEW! Parent Coaching for Infancy through Early Childhood

It would be great if kids came with an instruction manual. But they don’t. Parent coaching is meant to help you figure out your own path as a parent to manage whatever challenges you are experiencing with your little ones. Whether its managing challenging behaviors, improving connection, or finding ways to build new routines and maximize development this service can give you just what you need to feel like you’re able to guide your children on that path that is right for them and for you. With over 8 years of experiences as a child and family therapist I bring strengths based perspectives on children to offer ways of enhancing communication, building connection, and providing the right amount of structure and limits to help children find their own way through the world. Each session is personalized to your specific needs. After contacting me I’ll get a sense of what your needs area and then we will schedule a call, in person, or online meeting. Session cost is $60  for 45 minutes and include preliminary contact to gain information to tailor the session to your needs as well as a follow up email to check in on progress.

Contact to schedule.

Pricing and Packages

Individually customized sessions Pricing is $60/45 minute session and include preliminary contact so I can tailor your session to your needs.

Breathing Room sessions are 30 minute check in calls designed to help you get grounded when you’re feeling overwhelmed. $30/session.

Payment can be made via Pay Pal, cash, or check. Payment must be received prior to scheduled session.


Consider one of our packages to save!

Prenatal Package $125

~The nursery is set. You’ve taken your birthing class. You’ve installed the car seat. But have you prepared your mind and soul for motherhood? This package includes 2 coaching sessions to provide an exploration of your expectations, perinatal mental health screening, and ways you can prepare for this big transition. Exercises include building a self-care plan, mobilizing your support system, resiliency skills, community resources so you can find your “mama tribe”, and ways you can integrate motherhood into your identify without losing your former self.

Postpartum Mama Package $175

~Congratulations! There is so much joy welcoming your little one into the world. But you may be feeling a little “deer in the headlights” or overwhelmed and that is okay! This pacakge includes 3 visits within 6 months postpartum scheduled at your convenience. Sessions include a perinatal mental health screening, review of community resources, self-care planning, and support in the areas you need.

Mama Reset Package $175 

~You’re in the thick of it. Maybe you’ve got several children know and you’ve been feeling burned out and stretched too thin for far too long. You need a reset and reconnect with yourself, your values, and your passions. This package includes 3 sessions tailored to reset to your best self. Together we select three areas to focus on that may include self-care, confidence, resetting expectations, and stress management.

The Great Journey $325

~Sometimes we come to a realization that we’ve lost our way and need a lot of time and effort connecting ourselves to what we truly want from our lives. The Great Journey is a coaching package designed for a deep dive into figuring our what your life is all about over a period of 6 sessions. We work together to identify barriers to your goals, how to unlock your passions, and how to connect with others in your life on a deeper level. You’re challenged in these sessions to become vulnerable and authentic to find happiness in being the true you.


Gift Certificates are available as shower or birthday gifts!