Resilient Mamas offers a free support group, weekly mindfulness group and various workshops at the She Collective. 

Resilient Mamas Support Group

Are you looking for a mama squad? Other moms who can relate and provide a listening ear? We’d love to welcome you to Resilient Mamas.

Join us for our bi-weekly support group on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:30-8:30 on the 2nd floor of 16511 Hilliard Rd. Babies under 1 are welcome to attend to attend with mothers. Childcare for over 1 year old children is available but limited. Participants must RSVP for childcare spots ahead of the meeting time.

Come to just listen or dive in and let out what’s been weighing you down. This is not a forced participation support group. In between the venting of our frustrations and worries there is a lot of laughter too 🙂

Join our Facebook group  for inspiration, peer support, to stay up to date on details of our support group meetings.


Mindful Mamas Mindfulness Group

Mindful Mamas IG

Upcoming Workshops at She Collective


Unloading Emotional Labor

May 30th 7-8:30pm

She Collective 16511 Hilliard Rd. Lakewood, OH

We’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the “mental load” or “emotional labor” that we as women and mothers bear on our shoulders. Enough is enough! We’ll discuss what emotional labor truly is, dissect how we place it on our shoulders, and then discuss strategies for taking it off by delegating, communicating with your partner, or changing your perspectives. You’ll leaving feeling a little lighter and more aware of what does and doesn’t need to be on your load. $20. Visit to register!

This Isn’t What I Expected: Resiliency Tools for Motherhood

June 7-8:30pm

She Collective 16511 Hilliard Rd. Lakewood, OH

For some of us motherhood hit us hard. We weren’t expecting the loss of control, identity, stress, sleep deprivation, and overwhelm that comes with this life. We’ll examine resiliency skills and how we can apply these skills to the everyday problems we encounter. You’ll leave feeling like you have a suit of armor to weather whatever motherhood throws at you. Visit to register!


Parenting Together (A couples workshop)

June 27th 7-8:30pm

She Collective 16511 Hilliard Rd. Lakewood, OH

This workshop for couples is designed to help get you on track with being the parents you want to be. It can be difficult to sort through communication problems and the sea of overwhelming decisions you have to make as parents. It can lead to feeling disconnected in your relationship and not on the same page when it comes to your children. We’ll talk about how to ground you and your co-parent in the values you share when it comes to parents, discuss ways you can communicate regarding parenting decisions so that you can collaborate instead of compete, and ways to share the load in a way where both parties feel supported. $35/couple. Limited to 8 couples. Visit to register!

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