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I’ve always been inspired by trees. By how they bend and don’t break. By how strong tall trees like the Redwoods survive and grow stronger by sharing roots with one another. So when I started this business I knew right away I needed to use trees as a metaphor for resilience, growth, and community. I have seen time and again how the power of strong women joined in community transforms those within them to be resilient, fulfilled, and focused.

So that’s why I started the Resilient Mamas Forest Circle, a monthly online program focused on being vulnerable with ourselves and one another, being authentic about who we are while celebrating our worthiness, empowering ourselves and one another to bend with the strong winds of life while nurturing our souls. This is the perfect affordable alternative for those moms who want to do some work on connecting with themselves again but are limited on time to do one on one coaching.

When you become a member of the forest you are signing up for 30 days of engaged soul work along other mothers that have the same passion for challenging themselves to feel more whole and balanced. You will be held accountable to get honest with yourself and follow up on your own chosen challenges for the month. Membership includes a weekly workbook, live videos for discussion, weekly meditation video, and engaged prompts in an exclusive Facebook group.

Some months are better than other for us to take the time to work on ourselves. That’s why this membership is month to month so no need to cancel!

Step into our forest for just $25/month! Want more accountability for your personal growth? While you’re a member of the forest you can get weekly 30 minute check in calls where we can navigate your specific barriers to your goals, find ways of changing your perceptions to feel more whole, and come up with action oriented solutions to your challenges. 30 minute check in calls are also available as you make your way through the material and exercises. These check in calls can help you discuss these issues more in depth and get feedback on specific ways you can address your guilt patterns. Check in calls can be purchased individually for $20/ session. Purchase a 4 pack of check in calls for that month’s group for just $50!




September Circle: Mindful Mama: Calm Amongst the  Chaos

Mindful mama_ Calm the chaos

Feeling constantly overwhelmed, overstimulated, or irritated at every little thing? Mama, you’re not alone! After having two kids I came to a realization that motherhood was very overstimulating to me. Everytime there was one kid begging for something and another crying I felt like I just wanted to crawl into a hole. I still get days where I get overwhelmed, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve found some ways to ground myself amongst the chaos and still find some peace within it. Using concepts of Mindfulness and it’s origins in Buddhism we’ll learn the cognitive skills and relaxation skills needed to bring some grounding and balance to your mindset. We might not learn how to prevent the chaos but we can learn how to be more resilient to it.



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