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The Birth of Resilient Mamas

Rachel was always good a keeping up the appearances of being positive, acting as if she always had things under control. As a therapist she was scared of letting people know that she had her own struggles, wanting to show picture perfect mental health. Once she became a mom she realized keeping up those appearances was not only difficult but also  detrimental for her personal growth. Thus began a journey of embracing the vulnerabilities of life and motherhood and diving into maternal mental health.

As she explored maternal mental health she couldn’t help but see moms struggle with being themselves. Mothers were making excuses for the decisions they were making instead of being proud of what they decided. Mothers were feeling guilty for everyday choices they needed to make for their family. Mothers were feeling shame for not being able to keep up with all the demands our culture has of parenting. It became clear to Rachel that in today’s world we are making parenting more about what we do and less about who we are. And most , we are making parenting more about the decisions we make and less about the relationship we have with our children.

After blogging, starting a support group, and going back to work as a maternal mental health therapist Rachel started Resilient Mamas to fight back against parent shame culture, mental health stigma, and the lack of empathy and understanding for one another in the parent community.

Resilient Mamas give moms a place to be real, authentic, and vulnerable. The Resilient Mamas Community offeres the following

– A weekly blog with inspiration from other Resilient Mamas and an opportunity to share your own story

-A Facebook support group with weekly exercises and opportunites to real, vulnerable, and authentic while increasing insights for personal growth.

-An in person Resilient Mamas Perinatal Support Group in Lakewood, Ohio at Circle of Life Birth Services. 


About Rachel

Rachel is a partner to a wonderful man and a mother of two amazing children. Rachel is a social worker, maternal mental health advocate and therapist, and is an advocate for Congential Heart Disease as she is a mother to a heart warrior goddess. Rachel is a  lover of coffee & tea, books, elephants, the outdoors, Jane Austen, and good old fashioned life chats over a pint.


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