Ecourses & Downloads

Take your emotional journey with motherhood into your own hands and at your own pace. My ecourses and downloads have been tailored to moms that grow from the challenges of motherhood. Whether its finding your identity again, ditching the mother guilt, or finding a way to keep your cool and curb reactivity to your kids there is something for every mama in my shops.

My ecourses, workbooks and mini downloads are affordable and able to be completed at your own leisure. These courses are affordable because I believe all mamas should have access to emotional wellness. And I feel that if I would never pay for a $97 course then I wouldn’t expect my resilient mamas too either!

These workbooks and ecourses drive you to build insight, develop coping skills and identify action steps to make changes in your thoughts, feelings, and your daily actions. Imagine starting off your day or ending your night with a cup of coffee or glass of wine while you take time to think about YOUR needs, how YOU feel, and the changes you want to make for YOURSELF. The value in taking time to think about yourself and your growth is immeasurable. This type of self-care has a ripple effect on your self-worth, your confidence, and your relationships. The common thread through all them? These feelings are normal and you are enough.

I have two options to access these materials.

1) My Membervault Platform has ecourses that are evergreen, meaning you don’t have to do them within any time frame and you can access them 24/7. Offerings include- “Keeping Your Mama Cool”, “Mindful Motherhood Basics”, and the FREE “5 Day Self-Renewal Challenge!” You can also find some of my workbooks on this platform as well. Click on the link to my Membervault page below!


2) My ETSY shop contains downloads and workbooks such as “The Resilient Mama’s Guide to Finding Me Again,” mini downloads like “Unloading Emotional Labor,” and the 99 cent download “Mama Affirmations” that can be printed and laminated so you have some inspiration and support on you at all times. Check out the link to my Etsy shop below!


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