Rachel collaborates with the She Collective to bring personal development classes for women and mothers to the Cleveland area.

Upcoming Workshops

Knowing She- Wednesday March 28th 7:15-8:45pm

Class Description: Who are you? The answer to that question can both be simple and complex. This course will focus on getting to know who you are and embracing strengths and flaws to increase your awareness of how you respond in different environments and relationships. Whether you feel you’re in the midst of an identity crisis or just love personality quizzes you’ll leave this course knowing yourself better and being proud of it.


 Being She- Wednesday April 25th 7:15-8:45pm

Class Description: We can all be scaredy cats once in a while whether its mustering up the courage to ask someone on a date or go for that promotion we’ve always wanted. Being who we are meant to be and going after what we want takes a lot of bravery, vulnerability, and self-confidence. This course will be immersive in exercises that increase your confidence and comfort with yourself, helping you reflect on what’s holding you back and breaking down those insecurities to go after what you really want.